Join us for a half-day event near you. Explore the future of enterprise teams, challenges that come with scaling, and ways you can optimize for speed and innovation.

Accelerate innovation at scale

Deep dive into trends that will impact your teams and learn about the innovations and practices that will keep your organization ahead of the curve. Discover how business leaders like you are unleashing their team of teams.

Learn from the best

Network with others who face similar challenges and get practical advice from a panel of experts.

Build stronger teams

Highly engaged teams lead to happier customers. Learn how to improve the way your teams get work done. 

Scale with strategy

Discover how to strike the right balance between team autonomy and alignment with business goals.

Featured speakers

Dominic Price

Work Futurist, Atlassian

Patrick Richardson

Group Product Manager, Atlassian

Maggie Roney

Product Marketing Team Lead, Atlassian

Cities and dates

New York City, United States
May 7,  2019
London, United Kingdom
May 22, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
May 29, 2019
Tokyo, Japan
June 11, 2019
Silicon Valley, United States
June 19, 2019
Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 26, 2019