IT teams no longer just support businesses. They drive them. Is your IT ready to transform? Join us for a free event near you to explore IT's evolution, and discover how teams can work more quickly, proactively, and iteratively.

See what IT can be

If every company is now a software company, what does that mean for your IT team? Be a part of the conversation in your community and enable your teams innovate, transform, and lead your organization forward. 

Learn from IT leaders

Network with high-performing teams who face the same challenges and learn how they tackle them.

Power your workflows

From agile project planning, incident response and management to service and support, learn how Atlassian can help IT flow.

Discover how to embrace agile

Deep dive into agile trends and how they impact your teams, and put theory into practice.

Featured speakers

Archana Rao

CIO, Atlassian

Jay Simons

President, Atlassian

Sophie Wade

Workforce Innovation Specialist, Founder, Flexcel Network

Cities and dates

Government Symposium
May 1, 2019
New York City, United States
May 8, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
May 16, 2019
Berlin, Germany
May 21, 2019
London, United Kingdom
May 23, 2019
Chicago, United States
June 4, 2019
Tokyo, Japan
June 11, 2019
Seoul, South Korea
June 13, 2019
Silicon Valley, United States
June 20, 2019